The PRIMO Difference

The majority of the bull pizzles being sold in the UK are made in South Asia where there are very different standards and health regulations to here in the UK, and there is often no safe or controlled monitoring of the manufacturing process.

We're aware of producers who hang their pizzles outside to dry with no monitoring and use plastic bags filled with rubbish tied to the end of them to stretch them while drying. They get covered in flies then are cut and packaged on a dirt floor before being despatched to wholesalers and the UK retailers without being heat-treated to the required 90 degrees to kill pathogens such as Salmonella as per UK DEFRA import requirements and EU Regulation 142/20011. Bizarrely, we've been approached by these suppliers who proudly send us images of their pizzles hanging outside covered in flies and laying on a dirt floor ready for despatch to the UK, and tell us they can "create" any paperwork required to get them into the country.

Comparing our ultra-grade pizzles to others in the UK

For market research, we purchased pizzles from five well established retailers of natural dog treats to see what arrived and to compare them with our own. This is what we found:
  • Primo Bull Pizzles

    PRIMO Bully Sticks ®

    Straight, rich-coloured, dense, heavy, fresh, flavourful, packed with nutrients and perfectly safe.

    Price: From £18.29 for ten.
  • Competitor 1 Pizzles

    "Competitor A" Bully Sticks

    These are worthy of a page of their own. Crumbly texture, foul odour, hair, fluff and other nasties stuck to them. Extremely fatty and low quality despite being expensive, and left a greasy mess in the packaging.

    Price: £19.99 for ten.
  • Competitor 2 Pizzles

    "Competitor B" Bully Sticks

    These looked fabulous on the website they were purchased from, but upon arrival were lower quality than expected and had pieces of what appeared to be blue plastic embedded in them.

    Price: £21.99 for ten.
  • Competitor 3 Pizzles

    "Competitor C" Bully Sticks

    These also looked great on the website but were disappointing upon arrival. Oddly concave ends on most pieces and a flaky texture. These were the most expensive out of all of them.

    Price: £24.99 for ten.
  • Competitor 4 Pizzles

    "Competitor D" Bully Sticks

    These were exceptionally bad with a very strong odour which can only be described as being like vomit. Barely thicker than a pencil and the top piece in the photo was soft, damp and floppy.

    Price: £20.98 for ten.
  • Competitor 5 Pizzles

    "Competitor E" Bully Sticks

    These were extremely light weight and made an unusual sound when tapped together. They were very brittle. There were multiple end-pieces in the pack and they all had a very unusual texture.

    Price: £19.99 for ten.
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Disappointing results

Unfortunately for our dogs, the five examples above are a good cross-section of the pizzles sold in the UK and as you can see, the standards and quality are both very disappointing. All of the samples we purchased had the tell-tale signs of being produced from unwashed and untrimmed low quality raw materials and chemicals being used on them, and all had varying intensities of a vomit-like odour.

Unsafe pizzles

Many of the pizzles sold in the UK as being "of EU origin" are not at all. The UK retailer may have purchased them from an EU wholesaler, but the wholesaler may have imported the pizzles from Asia as pictured here. As a dog owner in the UK, if you've purchased pizzles in the past you may have given them potentially dangerous pizzles produced in the manner shown here without even knowing.
  • Low quality Asian pizzles laying on a dirt floor before being despatched to the UK.

    Asian pizzles laying on a dirt floor before being despatched to the UK.

  • Low quality Asian pizzles hanging outside to dry with no protection from insects and animals.

    Asian pizzles hanging outside to dry with no protection from insects and animals.

  • Low quality Asian pizzles laying on the ground being dried.

    Asian pizzles laying on the ground being dried.

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Raising the bar

Our pizzle sticks are hand made with love in small batches to strict EU Regulations 142/2011 and 1069/2009 in pristine veterinary inspected and certified premises and exceed each and every health requirement. The quality of our pizzles is both exceptional and consistent. They are safe, they are healthy, they are free of pathogens such as Salmonella, Campylobacter, E.Coli and we stand behind them 100%.

We're raising the bar and redefining expectations by introducing an exciting new range of the very highest quality bull pizzles to the UK which exceed all others in every possible way.