About Us

PRIMO Bully is a small business dedicated to providing the highest quality bull pizzles ever seen in the UK.

As cherished dog owners we understand the importance in giving our furry-friends only the very highest quality natural treats and supplements, but we've been frustrated for many years at the low quality imported pizzles available in the UK.

We set out on a long path of discovery, frustration and annoyance and after finding that the majority of pizzles sold in the UK are potentially dangerous having been imported from Asia after being produced in extremely unsanitary conditions and potentially carrying deadly pathogens, we set out to raise the bar and introduce the highest quality natural dog treat ever to be seen in the UK: our ultra-grade bully sticks.

Our pizzle sticks are hand made with love in small batches to strict EU Regulations 142/2011 and 1069/2009 in pristine veterinary inspected and certified premises and exceed each and every health requirement. The quality of our pizzles is both exceptional and consistent.

Our pizzles are safe, our pizzles are healthy, our pizzles are free of pathogens such as Salmonella, Campylobacter and E.Coli. We've done our homework and can state with confidence that our pizzles are beyond comparison. We stand behind them 100% and offer an exceptional return period if you're not absolutely delighted with them.

We currently sell 12cm pizzles due to the overall popularity of this size, but will soon be offering a multitide of sizes and will be offering a "cut to order" service where we can fulfil orders for pizzles cut to any size required and simply priced by weight.