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Ultra Grade
Bully Sticks

The platinum standard in dog chews

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● 100% natural
● Long Lasting pizzles
● Low odour bully sticks
● Packed with flavour
● Rich in vitamins & minerals
● Grain & Gluten free
● No additives or preservatives
● Removes tartar & plaque
● The ultimate natural dental chew

Pizzle Sticks For Dogs

Thick, healthy Bull Pizzles are our flagship product and make for an ultra-tasty, satisfying and long-lasting dog chew. They provide exceptional flavour and satisfaction for dogs while helping to prevent gum disease by removing plaque.
Not only are they a 100% natural product, but they're packed with amino acids, vitamins, trace elements and are free from artificial chemicals, additives and preservatives. Our ultra-grade pizzle sticks are suitable for dogs of any breed, age or size and they provide the same protein and dental health benefits for puppies (over 16 weeks) as they do for adult dogs.

Our beef pizzles are single-ingredient, easily digestible treats made from the highest quality pure grass fed and hormone-free beef. They excel at cleaning your dogs teeth while keeping them entertained and they won't splinter or break apart.

Read why our pizzles are so different to others in the UK.
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Healthy Dog Treats

As well as being 100% digestible, our bully sticks are a single ingredient, super-tasty treat! Made from only 100% natural high-protein beef, our pizzle sticks are perfect for all dogs and contain a complete source of vital amino-acids which are essential in supporting the brain, muscles, skin & coat. If your dog suffers from a sensitive stomach, beef pizzles are a fantastic option as they are completely natural and contain no chemicals, additives or preservatives!

Natural Dental Chews

Want your dog to have a healthy smile and attract positive comments from the Vet? Bully sticks are perfect for that too! Periodontal disease (gum inflammation) is one of the most common problems in dogs and offering them hard chews is an important part of maintaining clean teeth and keeping your dog healthy. Dogs have to work hard chewing and gnawing on our ultra-grade bull pizzles and this action scrapes away plaque and tartar to support healthy teeth and gums while rewarding them with a delicious natural taste.

Highly Nutritious

Our bully sticks retain the maximum amount of nutrients possible from the raw ingredients but with the benefit of there being no need to freeze or refrigerate and having a very long shelf-life at room temperature. All of our pizzles have the heat increased and held until a core temperature of at least 90 degrees is achieved at the end of the air drying process to instantly kill any pathogens such as salmonella as required by EU Regulation 142/20011, so are perfectly safe (and delicious!) at room temperature.

Odourless Pizzles

Most bull pizzles in the UK are imported from South Asia and smell like vomit - ours don't! Our pizzles come from healthy cattle in the EU rather than the immature water buffalo which are so commonly offered for sale in the UK. Our pizzles undergo a specialised computer-controlled drying process with absolutely no additives or preservatives being used, which results in an exceptionally high quality pizzle without the foul, vomit-like odour frequently associated with pizzles. Read more about this

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  • Primo Bull Pizzles

    PRIMO Bully Sticks ®

    Straight, rich-coloured, dense, heavy, fresh, flavourful, packed with nutrients and perfectly safe.
    An ultra-grade product with unsurpassed quality.

  • Competitor 1 Pizzles

    Typical Bully Sticks sold in the UK

    As a dog owner in the UK, if you've purchased pizzles in the past you may have given them potentially dangerous low quality pizzles.
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PRIMO QualityPRIMO Service
  • Ultra High Quality

    Our Pizzles are hand-made in small batches in a food and veterinary inspected facility to the exacting standards required by EU Regulation 142/2011 and 1069/2009.

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