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These really are the best pizzles around! I've bought loads from different places for my dog before I found Primo. She goes absolutely wild for these and I can tell, just by looking at them, that they're far superior to any others that I've bought.


I have ordered quite a lot of these bully sticks over the past few months and my little dachshund really loves them and they keep him busy for quite a while. I only wish they were a lot longer and maybe not so expensive Excellent service quick delivery and a really good company.

Fantastic quality

These bully sticks are the best value and quality on the market. I have bought from many distributors in the past but I will now always use and bulk buy from Primo. Obi is a very happy dog. Thank you

My dog absolutely loves these had to buy more

Our dog loves these

Our dog doesn't care what shape they are in she loves them.

Bloodhound approves

I was recommended these by his breeder as Safe good long lasting chews and British ,
Thank you
We love them
Our bloodhound pup while teething has not chewed anything other than his prizzles , so I highly recommend them too

The best by far!

I've purchased lots of pizzle sticks from other places before finding Primo and, although my dog enjoyed the others, she goes absolutely wild for the ones I bought from Primo. She's obsessed with them. She's had dental problems in the past, but these keep her teeth lovely and clean and they keep her busy for hours.
I could tell the second I opened them they they're far superior to the other brands, you can tell just by looking at them. I'll never buy them from anywhere else now I've found these.

One occupied dog

I've bought pizzles from a few pet shops and they've only managed to occupy my dog for 10 mins, these are a good half hour, which is fab, I'll definitely be buying more.

Ultra Grade Pizzles
Michelle P.
Excellent pizzles

Absolutely fantastic product. Really good quality, long lasting and great value for money. So much better quality than other pizzles I’ve bought in the past.
Excellent customer service and I have ordered twice now and both deliveries arrived the very next day.
Would 100% recommend and will definitely be ordering again.

Excellent chew

Bought the ultra grade pizzles. Both my dogs loved the taste and were really excited everytime I gave them a chew. Also llasted or a lot longer than other non rawhide products I have tried. Will definitely be buying more

Perfect Pizzle

Ordered many times and the delivery is always super quick! Theese are our Staffys favourite treat - really halthy, no bones so no choking risk when left to her own devices for a while :) lasts her a day at least! Cheap price for a safe healthy treat and they're more then double the price in the pets shops I've visited! Excellent product. Will order again.

My pocket loved them

Bulls pizzles.

Our two dogs Sadie ( golden cocker spaniel) and Rusty our ( dapple dachshund) love pizzles. I managed to get a photo of Rusty enjoying hers. Sadie takes hers up stairs to eat.

Ultra Grade Pizzles
Elizabeth P.
Perfect Pizzles

High quality, low odour, free delivery, happy dogs. What's not to love?

Ultra Grade Pizzles
Samantha G.

These are fantastic quality and not only did I order on Friday evening but I received them on Sunday morning! I'm very happy to have finally found a business selling such high quality bully sticks and my dogs absolutely love them! Long lasting too. Not over dried and don't shatter like others

Happy Hounds

Really quick delivery on these and my 2 Schnoodles absolutely love them. Great for us humans too as they are far less smelly than the ones I have bought previously .

Pizzle sticks

Very speedy delivery & exactly as promised. Will be ordering them again! 👍🏻

Best ever

Great quality bully sticks. My 2 dogs love them. Arrived quickly and well packaged. Would highly recommend.


Received very promptly.
Puppy enjoys them.

Great value

Virtually no smell and uniform pieces. Dogs were very happy.

Best in the Biz

My Pom’s love these. Great for a distraction when working.
Amazing that we have finally found a consistent supplier of high quality sticks. Keep up the great work.

Chewing Good

Absolutely brilliant. Our dog was so exited when we gave the chew to her. She usually chews everything within minuets but has been chewing away now for 2 hours and the stick is still going strong. Will never buy a bully stick anywhere else now I have found this company. An amazing chew

Consistent high quality and value for money

I have just reordered 1kg of the clearance pizzles. Just as popular with my dog as the previous batch. Considering that these are not the premium pizzles, I am more than happy with them and the value-for- money they represent when the 'first choice' pizzles are not available in the larger quantities

Ultra Grade Pizzles
Stephanie E.
Regular order

Good price, fast service and great product.
Pleased they’re back in stock, the alternatives I bought were not as good

No photos of him eating one but one from after 😴

Pizzle Perfect

Our 6 month staffie absolutely loves theese! We buy her the premium - each lasts her 2-3 days and they keep her vey happy when were at work! Every time i check the dog cam shes happily chewing away - no bones to worry about and very little smell. A small price to pay for a happy helathy pup! Additionally delivery service is excellent - very quick!