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Bully sticks

Great service, super quick delivery, good quality puzzle, very hard product to keep the dogs chewing force good while.

Good quality natural treat

My two rescue dogs absolutely love these. I’ve put off buying them because of what they, but I’ve given in and they thoroughly enjoy them. Actually last a few minutes, unlike most other treats.

Great product my girls love them, good value too

Smell Delicious!

These are the perfect balance between "odourless" (which actually smell like plastic) and the "vomit-like" normal pizzles I've purchased in the past.

These don't smell like plastic, or vomit, and instead have a rather nice, mild "beef" smell which does not stink out the cupboard or smell disgusting.

5 Stars from my Greyhound rescues!

I have a pair of very sweet retired racing greyhound boys. They can be a bit fussy when giving them treats but they go absolutely crazy for these!

They each go to their own "quiet place" where they can chill out and they just lay there chewing and licking these without being disturbed.

These are absolutely fantastic and suit my boys so well. I've just placed an order for another 50 and will keep buying this brand from now on and will never shop anywhere else 😍

Fantastic chews for my fussy dog! 🤩

I wasn’t sure my dog would like them as she’s so fussy! Also, I needed something that helps her teeth. After a few minutes of getting acquainted with it - she got stuck in! I will definitely be ordering some more - nothing better than having natural chewy treats for my dog! Thank you 😊


Labradoodle girl absolutely loves these and they entertain her for hours, happy dog, happy owner!

My girl's fave

These are the top chews in our house... My 14mnth Romanian rescue girl gets so excited when I reach for the bully bag it's a delight to see her so happy. She's a power chewer who can demolish a pig's ear in 5-10 mins, whereas these keep her busy, content and quiet for 45mins, which is a triumph.

Excellent product

Our puppy loves these


1rst time ordering from this company and couldn’t be happier at the size of the pizzle sticks! Will definitely be my go to from now on!

Great size dig loves them thank you

Great value and the size are amazing digs with them for about 40min defo buy more off you thank you kind regards fiona macgregor


Dog loves them :)

Amazing product

These Bully sticks are the best!! I've tried loads of different brands and most are really smelly and gross. These are high quality, low odour and really well priced. The only other ones I've found this good cost £3.69 each. Planning to re-order in bulk.

When I found this website, I initially thought the reviews must be fake cos they were all so good, but as soon as the bully sticks arrived I realised why everyone loves them so much.

Ultra Grade Pizzles
jacqueline w.
My dog loves these treats the best, good chewing and low in odour.

Will be a returning customer

Perfect for my jackapoo

I’m super impressed with these! I struggle finding something for my 8kg jackapoo as he finds most bones etc too big and hard to hold. However, these are absolutely perfect! They’re a good size and keep him occupied without any fear of splintering. Will definitely be purchasing in the future!

Game changer

Heard of these but had stuck to raw bones. Bought these the other day, keeps the dogs entertained for a good long time, low smell, cleaner than raw, great value compared to Yak type treats

Best quality

Top quality bully sticks, my gsd loves them

Jasper approves!

Our Labrador has tried many brands of bully sticks & these are by far the best. They don’t smell & last him a good 45mins where others were gone after 20! We will be buying again & in bulk.

Great chews

I wanted something to keep our pup busy when we're out or have vistiors over. I tried bones from the butcher etc but they were messy and smelly...

These are great. Last my 3 month old pup a good day, most of the time a day and a half. Keep him busy and tire him out haha.

I'm sure I'll have to get the thicker ones when he's bigger but for now the cheaper ones are great. Will definitely buy more when we're out of them!

Ultra Grade Pizzles
Felicity M.
Turns my dog into a cartoon character!

I have a young Doberman boy and the best part of his day is when we return from our evening walk. He knows EXACTLY which cupboard his bully sticks are kept in and he bounds in like a possessed rabbit and sits by the cupboard with the most ridiculous grin on his face with his tongue hanging out and his tail wagging.
He gets his evening bully stick then tears around the house like a cartoon character, spinning in circles with the sound of his claws ripping into the carpet.
It truly is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen and I must try and capture the madness on video as I'm sure it'll make us "TikTok famous" 🤣


These went down a storm with my 3 labs!
They weren't at all greasy or messy (or smelly!) and my 3 old boys were able to enjoy them in their own time in the living room.


Excellent quality and service. Highly recommended

Bully sticks

Excellent value and quality. Free postage. Dog loves them. Why buy anywhere else ?

Excellent distraction

These have been an absolute godsend over the fireworks weekend helping to keep my two distracted with all the banging outside 🙏

Prefect for a sensitive tummy

I have a Labradoodle and she suffers from a sensitive stomach so I have to be careful what I feed her. I'm very happy to say these are going down (and staying down) a treat! No problems at all and will continue buying these now